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            The new 8-generation American shoe box lamp has been mass-produced! Welcome new and old customers to consult proofing! Tel:86-13528791916
            Wallpack 5th UFO High bay SKD Street lihgt SKD The SKD of Shoebox The SKD of UFO High bay The SKD of Floodlight The SKD of Wallpack The SKD of Oil station light The SKD of LED Circular Area Light The SKD of Bulb light UFO Driver Box The adapter of Shoebox
            About Us
            Jiamgmen Anerhui Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., located in Humen Town, JiangMen City, the existing plant 2, the area of up to 11000, Die-casting Machine 800tons 600tons 400tons 280t high-speed drilling machines. There are more than 80 employees, including 3 R & D engineers and 1 resident abroad to know the installation methods and standards of lamps and lanterns. Led by China's new energy indu... 【More】



            Service Hotline


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